Vendor Terms and Conditions

PAE's culture of ethics and integrity is central to our operations. All of our vendors are expected to abide by our Terms & Conditions.

Most PAE business units utilize the Terms & Conditions as listed below. If you have received a link to this page as part of a Request for Quote, Proposal or as part of a flow down requirement on a Purchase Order or Subcontract, you may access the indicated Terms & Conditions document by clicking on the respective titles below.

The following represent PAE's current Terms & Conditions:

  • PAE-PRO-048: General Terms and Conditions for Materials (Rev 8, 10/4/2019)
  • PAE-PRO-049: General Terms and Conditions for Services (Rev 6, 10/4/2019)
  • PAE-PRO-053: Third Party Code of Conduct (Rev 7, 9/28/2018)