Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) Applicants

If you worked directly for PAE in Afghanistan and need verification of your employment for your SIV application, please send your request to employeeverification@pae.com. Include the information and documents listed below to help us identify you and search our records.

Information (provide as much as you can)

  • Full name (as written in your Tazkera)
  • List all aliases or alternate spellings of your name that you might have used with PAE
  • Date of birth
  • Employee identification or badge number
  • Job title (list all job titles you had with PAE)
  • Job location
  • Project or contract you worked on
  • Date you started working for PAE (try to provide month or year if you do not know the exact date)
  • Date you stopped working for PAE (or note if you are a current employee)
  • The reason your employment with PAE ended
  • A brief description of the work you performed
  • Names of your Supervisors or Managers
  • Tazkera number you held at the time of PAE employment
  • List of all other U.S. Government organizations you worked for before or after your employment with PAE, including all other contractors and subcontractors
  • SIV Case # if you already have a case open


Documents (provide clear scans or pictures)

  • Current National Identification Card (Tazkera or Afghan Passport)
  • Employment contract or offer letter from PAE
  • PAE badge
  • The Tazkera you held at the time of PAE employment
  • Military badge
  • Training certificates
  • Award certificates
  • Emails or letters about your employment with PAE
  • Letters or documents related to discharge, termination, or the end of your employment
  • Pay records or pay stubs

Note: If you worked for a PAE subcontractor, you should seek employment verification directly from the subcontractor.