PAE ISR team provides intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions and services to U.S. government agencies, NATO, and other international organizations. As a lead systems integrator and full-service provider for unmanned aerial systems, PAE ISR has significant experience in system integration, test and evaluation, operations and maintenance, logistics, training, deployment support, and leased UAS services.  PAE ISR is the original equipment manufacturer and systems integrator for the Resolute Eagle, a long endurance, Group 3 unmanned aircraft system.

Our advantages

Runway Independent
Reliable landing and recovery without a runway features vertical takeoff and landing in challenged conditions including maritime and Special Forces operations.
Payload Capacity
The aircraft also features a large payload capacity of 75+ lbs (34.0 kg).
Flight Endurance
The single, reconfigurable aircraft comes in two configurations—standard and vertical takeoff and landing—with a flight endurance of 12 to 18+ hours depending on configuration.
Multi-intelligence Capable
Significant power onboard for multi-intelligence payload integration.

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