SeaPort-e Team Members (A-T Solutions)

  • American Innovations, Inc. (AI): AI, a WOSB, provides security solutions to enhance security and safeguard people, facilities, and assets through strategic planning, technology integration, performance standards and policy implementation to protect sensitive security information. AI specializes in CBRNE, engineering, chemistry, explosives detection, and improvised explosives devices training. AI develops T3 (train-the-trainer) courses for trace detection and identification systems, and bulk material identification kits in support of the DoD, NGB, and Coalition Forces for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF). AI also provides expertise to NATO's EOD Center of Excellence (COE) in support of their mission to train Special Operations Forces (SOF), Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD), and Military Police (MP).
  • Chimera Enterprises International Inc. (CEI): CEI, a SDVOSB, provides capabilities such as validation, mission readiness exercises, EOD Groups, EOD Battalions, and Technical Escort Units. They provide expert knowledge of exploitation standards and triage policies and the ability to improve current and future exploitation processes and capabilities. Chimera supports the A-TS SeaPort-e CEXC program.
  • Design Interactive, Inc.: Design Interactive, Inc. (DI), a WOSB, provides human factors leadership and consultative engineering support services in four niche areas: Human Performance, Training Systems Design and Evaluation, Cognitive Readiness, and Next- Generation Human-Systems Integration. DI has designed advanced adaptive training solutions for the Office of Naval Research and for the Transportation Security Administration. These adaptive training solutions allow the rapid development of perceptual skills to improve human performance relating to: human terrain analysis, threat detection, pre-event indicators, and contraband/explosive device identification.
  • Oxley Enterprises Inc.: Oxley is a SDVOSB and WOSB that helps organizations improve performance, enhance productivity, and increase overall organizational effectiveness through organizational improvements, program performance, human capital development, learning systems, and information technology integration. Oxley provides essential program management, process management, performance management, and quality management leadership for the JATAC III program.
  • R3 Strategic Support Group: R3, a SDVOSB, participates in requirements articulation and documentation processes and provides subject matter expertise throughout requirements validation process. For the A-TS SeaPort-e CEXC program, R3 supports consolidation of enterprise requirements, coordinates with other program leads to ensure that enterprise equities are addressed, and coordinates with enterprise and U.S. Fleet Forces requirements generation processes.
  • RMGS, Inc.: RMGS, a VOSB and SDVOSB, provides training and operational support; requirements development; acquisition, logistical and program management services.  RMGS also provides language capabilities to include Spanish, French, Tagalog, and Arabic. As a subcontractor, RMGS provides customer-site Liaison Officer support at Ft. Bragg, NC.  In this role, they monitor all message traffic/communications between NSWDG, Ft. Bragg and USSOCOM. RMGS also provides mission support to NSWDG's Operational Analysis Office (N3X) where they assist in coordinating mission support in the testing and evaluation of a specialized DoD force protection programs for NSW forces worldwide. On this effort, RMGS personnel conduct project lifecycle planning and execution, such as inventory control and maintenance of ADP hardware/software, cell phones, and peripherals to support OCONUS test and evaluation exercises.
  • TSO Armor & Training, Inc. (TSO): TSO, VOSB and SDVOSB, delivers security, law enforcement, antiterrorism and security force training, consulting and equipment for the government. TSO services range from the “schoolhouse” instructional level (introductory, fundamental and basic) to the operational unit level (sustainment and advanced tactics training). TSO provides antiterrorism/force protection planning, security force training, and mission performance validation. TSO provides Antiterrorism/Naval Security Forces (AT/NSF) Instructional Support Services for NAVSUP, FLC, Norfolk. TSO provide 57 full-time schoolhouse instructors who possess the requisite qualifications, expertise, and skill to deliver formalized training support in the areas of antiterrorism and security to Navy personnel at the respective FCAs. Training is provided in classroom and lab environments to enhance knowledge and retention for more than 4,000 students. TSO also developed and programed more than five Firearms Training Simulator scenarios promulgated at three U.S. Navy training sites to enhance warfighter skills.
  • Visual Awareness Technologies & Consulting, Inc. (VATC): VATC, an 8(a) WOSB, is a provider of management consulting services, joint training solutions, information technology, and engineering support to federal agencies primarily within the Department of Defense. VATC provides subject matter experts and training specialists for this task order. On another contract, VATC assists in providing training and support to NGO Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) and Security Risk Management Training (SRMT).
  • Wittenberg Weiner Consulting, LLC: WWC, a WOSB, specializes in providing management consulting services including: policy analysis and development; program and project management; information management and information support analysis; base transformation analysis including the movement of weapons, personnel, units and programs and with that their potential impact; training program development; contingency planning and subject matter expertise in a wide range of areas. For the Commander Navy Region Europe, Africa Southwest Asia N3 Operations Directorate, WW analysts embedded at military installations in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Stateside, support change and mission management, continuous process improvement, government finance, AT/FP policy, emergency management, manpower and ERP.