Why the State Department Chooses PAE

The U.S. government trusts PAE to run its embassies in some of the most critical and sensitive locations in the world. 


  • PAE has developed a legacy of unrivaled past performance that positions us to offer the very best in embassy support around the world.
  • This depth of experience also contributes to our success with building and maintaining classified facilities and other work with the intelligence community.
  • Thanks to our track record, we have the potential to expand existing embassy support as many missions transition from contingency to stability.

The U.S. government's network of embassies require a complex network of supports to maintain operations, often in unstable environments.


PAE draws on more than 30 years of successful embassy operations to ensure our clients continue their critical work the world over. 


With a legacy of exceptional contract performance ratings in aviation, capacity-building and stabilization, critical infrastructure, expeditionary logistics, identity and information management solutions, integrated security solutions, test and training ranges, training solutions and more, our seven business teams deliver our portfolio of services.

International Logistics and Stabilization Team
PAE's International Logistics and Stabilization Team supports U.S. government-sponsored stability operations and United Nations humanitarian response projects.
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