PAE’s Readiness and Sustainment team has over 15 years of distinguished history in providing high quality logistical services to critical U.S. Government agencies including the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA). PAE is NSPA’s go-to contractor for real-world requirements supporting them in a proficient and timely manner. Services include supporting U.S. Army deployments, agricultural cleaning, Africa Schwein Flu (ASF) decontamination, camouflage Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) painting of military equipment, ammunition quality control inspections, maintenance of equipment and supply/logistics support efforts. We have strong, stable management that NSPA and their customers trust in getting things done, quickly and efficiently. We have the confidence of both NSPA and the using commands in providing last minute solutions where and when needed.


  • Vehicle maintenance 
  • CARC vehicle paint program
  • Logistics services: STAMIS, Warehousing
  • Program management and quality control
  • Agricultural cleaning/ASF Decontamination services
  • Ammunition X-ray, inspection
  • Hazardous waste management inspectors
  • Foreign Military Sales (FMS) consulting
  • Inspection/repair of military warehouses

The NATO IDIQs support a broad range of customers, including the US Army, Air Force and NATO and non-NATO countries. Additionally, the IDIQ for both on-base and off-base type services has been redefined to add additional support of last-minute US Army/Air-Force requirements for yearly training exercises as they occur. This broad customer set, coupled with quick turn solutions, poses a problem for the NATO gaining users for the IDIQ.

Germany Program Vehicle Cleaning

PAE has developed an effective plan to consolidate multiple task orders under one management cell, BRAVOUR, a wholly owned subsidiary team of PAE. This allows NSPA the ability to show a cost savings and a quick turnaround of requirements while maintaining both quality and productivity which are key to attracting both new and current customers to their organization.

Germany Program Tank On Risers


With a legacy of exceptional contract performance ratings in aviation, capacity-building and stabilization, critical infrastructure, expeditionary logistics, identity and information management solutions, integrated security solutions, test and training ranges, training solutions and more, our seven business teams deliver our portfolio of services.

Readiness and Sustainment Team
PAE's Readiness and Sustainment Team maintains and repairs military and civilian aircraft and vehicle fleets in the U.S. and abroad.
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