Making Sailors Mission-Ready

For 32 years, the Navy has trusted PAE to train sailors for a range of mission-critical support services. Whether it's managing offshore fueling, building floating causeways, repairing complex engines or other specialized tasks, we're the only company that has both the equipment and the expertise to teach sailors a solid foundation of expeditionary warfare skills. 


  • Sailors learn skills they need to be mission-ready
  • The Navy has a partner they can trust to develop relevant training programs
  • Sailors get to practice on the same types of equipment they'll use at sea

The Navy needs a system to move large quantities of fuel from shore to sea when no port is available to support expeditionary operations.


PAE meets the challenge with three vessels, dozens of professionals and experiential learning you cant' find outside of PAE's training program at NAB Coronado.


With a legacy of exceptional contract performance ratings in aviation, capacity-building and stabilization, critical infrastructure, expeditionary logistics, identity and information management solutions, integrated security solutions, test and training ranges, training solutions and more, our seven business teams deliver our portfolio of services.

Infrastructure and Logistics Team
PAE's Infrastructure and Logistics Team is responsible for the base operations and operations and management of DoD, Department of State and NASA facilities.
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