Risk Management Software Solutions

Security intelligence is the foundation of our defense against asymmetric threats. To harness the transformative power of predictive analysis, massive amounts of data must be aggregated and analyzed. The results of these advanced analytics produce accurate near-real-time risk assessments, which shape critical decisions.

PAE offers leading-edge technology expertise in the areas of big data analytics, decision support systems, and agile software development to produce enterprise-level capabilities. These solutions help national and international government agencies, as well as military, law enforcement, transportation, and intelligence professionals manage risks posed by terrorist threats to the global transportation, maritime, and border protection domains.

Solutions share a common technology platform and offer geospatial and data visualization components. Cloud delivery facilitates secure collaboration.

Please review details of our offerings below and contact SoftwareSales@pae.com for more information or with any questions.

Vessel Selection System (VSS)

VSS technology develops a holistic maritime picture by integrating data from multiple sources, such as terrestrial and satellite based ship position/AIS data; vessel and company characteristics data; entity or vessel watch lists; and agency databases containing details on vessels cargo and crew. The analysis, presented in a user-friendly interface that supports collaboration, helps analysts and decision makers identify targets of interest and make interdiction decisions.

Cargo Targeting System (CTS)

Modern customs administrations must effectively deal with fiscal and non-fiscal risks while facilitating trade and social protection. Increasingly, a number of government agencies share facilitation and protection mandates, for example, agriculture, immigration, and law enforcement.

Our cargo targeting solution allows all stakeholder agencies to simultaneously access and review data reported by carriers and importers. Risk analytics within the system help to identify high risk cargo for closer scrutiny or inspection while allowing pre-approved/low-risk trade to be facilitated.  This solution protects the border while facilitating trade — the twin principles that form the basis of risk management for cross border trade.

Passenger Targeting System (PTS)

Our subject matter experts and software development team work closely with government agencies that need to monitor passengers and crew crossing borders. Our baseline risk assessment Passenger Targeting System (PTS) ingests passenger and crew information, including Advance Passenger Information (API) data, and travel industry Passenger Name Records (PNR), and checks it against internal border control holdings and other indices. PTS solves the challenges posed by country-specific legal and privacy issues by providing solutions customized to country and agency requirements.

Our PTS consists of an analytical tool kit that includes map layering, data grids, a navigation panel, and a configurable dashboard. PTS displays an overall risk indicator for each passenger on the basis of criteria established by the user, such as immigration status and the potential for contraband trafficking or terrorism.