Kylie Rogers

Kylie Rogers Quote: "Focus on strengths. what you focus your attention on grows"

Kylie Rogers was recently named the vice president of Human Resources for PAE’s National Security Solutions business unit. From 2018 until her current appointment, Rogers served as the HR director for the company’s International Logistics and Stabilization team, managing talent initiatives across more than 20 programs. Her history with PAE extends to work as an HR field manager in east Africa beginning in 2008.

Make Time for Gratitude

“When I rejoined PAE in 2018, we started a gratitude practice within the business HR team. Our staff meetings begin with a quick round of gratitude – each person sharing what they are most grateful for that week. This practice brought our team closer together, professionally and personally. The support we provide each other has given us the ability to move fast and achieve so much more than if we focused solely on the work at hand.”

Assume Good Will

“Everyone is doing the best they can, given the information and support that they have right now. As a leader, my job is to find the balance between care and accountability, empowering and challenging the team to be better tomorrow than we are today. I deeply believe that poor or under performance is almost always solvable, either by clarifying expectations, providing greater support or helping an individual find a better fit to their strengths.”

Focus on Strengths

“What you focus your attention on grows. My husband is a professional women’s rugby coach. Years ago, I heard him give a pre-game pep talk about ‘attention management.’ It really resonated with me, and it has become foundational to the way I lead. Focusing on our own and other’s strengths allows us to each contribute the best of ourselves.”