Julie McGowan

Julie McGowen Quote

Vice President of Talent, Diversity and Engagement

Julie McGowan was recently named vice president of Talent, Diversity and Engagement after six years at PAE. McGowan has served the organization in multiple human resource roles, including most recently as vice president of Corporate Human Resources Operations and Talent Management. In her new position, McGowan will drive the areas she is most passionate about focused on talent management, employee experience and engagement, diversity, inclusion, equity and talent development.


Lead by Example

”How I show up at work and the time spent with my team and customers to strive to make a difference every day matters. It is important to me to ensure employees are treated fairly and respectfully and feel supported and engaged. I realized early on the first person you must learn to lead is you and when you lead yourself better, you lead others better. Effective leadership involves actively listening to others so you understand how you may support their needs and requires you to be fully present in these moments. Part of grounding myself in this mindset is committing daily to being fully present in the moments that matter in my professional and personal live so I may support others needs effectively.”


Challenge Yourself

“I think we can all take accountability and equip ourselves with the tools we need to navigate our personal and professional challenges, and ultimately exemplify the changes we want to see.  It involves taking an active role in recognizing your opportunities to grow as well as ownership to address these.  Growth comes from continually pushing ourselves beyond comfort zones, committing to continuous learning and standing up for what we believe in to drive change over time. It is important to understand that success is a journey and no matter how successful we may become, we all have strengths and weaknesses, and reflecting on our successes and opportunities for improvement is valuable. I have learned that allowing yourself to discover and embrace your strengths and weaknesses will enable you to grow faster, deliver stronger outcomes and help you identify areas to challenge yourself more along the way.”


Importance of Mentorship

“I was encouraged by resourceful, dedicated and successful team members, managers and mentors that I’ve had the privilege to engage with along the way, to stand up, speak out and follow my gut. Supportive mentors can really encourage women to be confident and trust our instincts and our abilities and reinforce the need to never stop learning as we progress in our career. One of the many benefits of mentorship is learning from others while simultaneously building a strong network of support to lean on while navigating your career.”


Pay It Forward

“I enjoy spending time with my team to focus on what they are looking to accomplish and where they aspire to grow and develop. I care a great deal about helping them focus on not only what they accomplish, but how they accomplish it. I strive to approach these conversations with empathy as it is really about inspiring them to want more for themselves and to put themselves out there to build on their strengths and grow in that capacity. You ultimately own managing your own career, however, paying it forward is about serving others and advocating for those you have had an opportunity to work with that have the potential and desire to develop and want to contribute more. It is rewarding supporting the development of others to achieve whatever they may be aspiring to and I have benefited from this support in my own career. More specifically, it feels good to help others, and I usually learn something new along the way in doing so and find it is mutually beneficial.”