Project Manager Develops Recruiting Center in India Despite COVID Challenges

Jourdan Tobias

By Lindsay Emery

A month before the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm, International Logistics and Stabilization Project Manager Jourdan Tobias thought that she would be able to travel to India to support the development of a recruiting center in India that sources the best quality candidates for PAE embassy support programs. Instead of being on site, Tobias had to adjust and stand up the new facility completely virtually.

The center and its operations had to be started from the ground up, accounting for every detail during the process.

"I think especially with this project, there was so much that came up and you need to have somebody who takes note of it all," Tobias said. "You have to stay organized and you have to stay on top of every little thing."

Three and a half years ago, Tobias came into PAE as a financial analyst supporting ILS programs at the U.S. embassy in Iraq. From there, the program director at the time pulled Tobias into a more operational role as a project manager. One of the projects she was tasked with in this new role was the India recruiting center to help source candidates for the program where PAE operates and maintains the Iraq embassy and surrounding consulates.

Tobias found that a key to the recruiting center's success has been building and maintaining relationships across the company to find answers. It is also one of the reasons that Tobias was nominated as a PAE Values Champion for the value "Demonstrate Discipline."

Without Tobias's efforts, the India initiative would have been delayed significantly, which would have impacted our ability to source the best quality candidates and realized cost savings, Director of Business Operations Ben Korin said in Tobias's nomination.

"Throughout the process of standing up the PAE recruiting center in India, I have been continually impressed by Jourdan's ability to keep moving forward," Korin said. "At every step of the process, there have been complications and roadblocks and each time, Jourdan attacks them with diligence and clear-headed pragmatism."

The ability to push forward and refrain from being discouraged during delays and tedious tasks is something that Tobias said she believes is necessary to succeed.

Tobias' hard work paid off in August of 2020 when the center in India started recruiting operations.