Heather Dallara

Heather Dallara quote, Dont' be focused on the end but be willing to enjoy the journey. Learn from coworkers and friends and build great teams.

Vice President of Contracts for NSS

Heather Dallara came to PAE last June as vice president of contracts for PAE’s National Security Solutions business unit and has found comradery at PAE despite the limitations of remote work due to COVID-19. Dallara says her team is focusing on purposeful engagement with a focus on strategies to better serve customers. Dallara said PAE’s recent acquisitions of CENTRA Technology and Metis Solutions are examples of what can be done even when the easy things are hard. These acquisitions open the doors of opportunity wide open for PAE.


Guide and Direct Your Team

“People on teams are motivated in different ways. How can you inspire each of them? Get to know people and teams on a personal level, how people work in situations, limits, capabilities and what they want to achieve. If we can explain the work we are doing, where we are going and why we need their support to achieve business outcomes its more relatable when we understand our teams as individuals and how they can find meaning and value in their work.  Having an open door to talk about challenges and finding the right focus, it’s about guiding and directing, doing work through the team not as individuals.”


What Was the Best Career Advice You Ever Received?

This is a very small community, and you just never know where life will lead you, who will be your next customer, supervisor or colleague. People tend to align themselves with people who they perceive as someone who can provide them opportunity, but I have found that often the most generous people are those whom you never expect. You can still be successful in this industry without sacrificing your personal values. “Be Authentic, Be a Good Person. You can be Successful, a Strong and Effective Leader while still being Kind.”


What Should Women Consider Before Working in This Field?

“Be open to the opportunity that exists around you. The industry is willing to give people who are willing to learn the opportunity and experience to try new things, take risks and find their own path. There is no one path or one definition of success. The experiences, friends you will make along the way are all a part of the journey. Learn from coworkers and friends, build strong networks and great teams. It may not always be the path you expect, it is hard work, but the journey is incredibly rewarding.”