Elizabeth Baldwin

By Lindsay Emery

Business Development Analyst Elizabeth Baldwin believes that technology can and should be manipulated to solve unique business problems. So when she recognized that she could automate dashboards within business development tool Salesforce, which helps track of PAE's opportunities, she took it in stride.

"I really enjoy solving those problems and making it easier for everyone," Baldwin said. "No one needs to do extra work when technology is there to make administrative tasks easier. This allows us to be more efficient with our time."

Baldwin started her new role only three months ago and began working full-time to create a solution to improve the Salesforce dashboard.

"What I enjoyed most [in previous roles] was determining how technology could resolve business process needs," Baldwin said. "But now, I'm in a really great position where I can 100 percent do that using Salesforce and SharePoint—not only for BD, but shared services involved with the BD process."

In her time at PAE, Baldwin's focus has been driven by finding solutions. She joined PAE's Proposals team, working on capture analytics as a proposal manager after PAE acquired her employer, A-T Solutions, six years ago. She then worked directly with a corporate Business Development director who involved her in conversations surrounding the processes behind Salesforce and SharePoint.

Baldwin helped the Business Development team develop a formal process to qualify business opportunities so that they can hopefully become contract wins.

Currently, Baldwin helps train the new capture personnel on the win plan and involves them in systems like SharePoint and Salesforce. Systems Engineer Charles King said in Baldwin's nomination that her input made Business Development more effective.

"I worked with Elizabeth to add new capability to Salesforce so that Business Development can better manage PAE opportunities," King said. "With Elizabeth in the lead, we created the changes necessary to help BD win and minimize failed bids. Elizabeth carefully worked through the process and made sure everything was in place for the new system."

Baldwin's tenacity leaves no room for error and earned her recognition as a PAE Values Champion for the value "Work Smart."

Despite her short tenure in as a business development analyst, she said she has always enjoyed figuring out people's needs and coming up with a procedure or technology that could help them.

Baldwin said one of the biggest misconceptions about technology is that it forces someone to use one process. She explained that is not the case. Rather, technology should fit business needs and be standardized to save time.

"It's important to work smart because we only have so much time and the more time that we can save by working smart and using technology, the more time you have for other things," Baldwin said. "You have the time for that deeper think and can focus on resolving problems resulting in better quality work.