Cristal Rice

Cristal Rice Quote: "Find Your Passion"

Cris Rice is one of PAE’s newest leaders, joining PAE in 2020 to lead the Readiness & Sustainment areas of the company’s Global Mission Services Business. She oversees sustainment and fleet management solutions for federal government customers, which includes the maintenance of more than 900 aircraft in nearly 80 locations in the United States and around the world.

Building an Environment of Trust

“I work to create an environment where people recognize I value their strengths so that teammates bring their best selves forward every day. This fosters trust and sense of value for employees at all levels.”

Encouraging Team Diversity

“Diversity of thought, backgrounds and experiences strengthens organizations, fosters innovation, improves performance and accelerates competitive positioning. It opens up a company’s ability to successfully engage with a multinational customer base and fosters limitless opportunities across cultures. I advocate for collaborative environments and leverage the power of integrating this diversity.”

Approach for Success

“Find your passion! Determining a career area you are passionate about is key because you will effortlessly accel. Find your niche and reflect on what drives you, whether that’s a company’s mission, culture or service to others. Things will not always be perfect and there will be challenges. It’s how you manage risk and navigate through difficult situations that will shape your growth as a professional.”

Calling All Future Women GovCon Engineers

“Engineering is a high stakes industry. Lives depend on safety and quality being at the forefront of every decision you make. The industry is also very rewarding since you will be inventing new technologies and offering solutions to make the world a better place. That provides a sense of purpose and value for your contributions.”