Christine Ottobre

Christine Ottobre quote, my philosophy is to focus not on what you are, but rather on who you are

Vice President of Global Supply Chain  

With 31 years of experience in supply chain, recently appointed vice president Christine Ottobre is excited to join the PAE team. She started as a buyer and has stuck with supply chain roles her entire career. Ottobre said strong leadership has afforded her opportunities that steered the course of her career and kept her rooted in supply chain.    


Find Your Leadership Style  

“I strive to be a servant leader and recognize I don’t have all the answers. I’m just one person bringing my experiences to a team with many perspectives. Drawing on the strengths of the team is crucial. People genuinely want to contribute and every single person has something to bring to the table. Good leaders draw that out, often by being willing to simply listen.”  


Integrity is Imperative  

“Integrity, particularly in the field of procurement, is so important and integral to building trust and credibility. You must work with integrity as a supply chain professional given the inherent risks associated with the influence this profession can expose us to. We hold ourselves to a higher than normal standard and not only must ensure we never put ourselves in a position where we are influenced to make poor decisions, but we can’t even leave the perception of any favoritism or other impropriety. It is so important to lead by example and show that integrity.”  


What Was the Best Career Advice You Ever Received?  

“One of my favorite  leaders used to routinely remind me, ‘Don’t rush to failure.’ This phrase has always stuck with me not only from a career perspective but from a problem-solving perspective as well. We live in a fast-moving world of instant gratification. The ability to pause, listen and think before acting has been a key factor to some of my success.”  


Bring Your Perspective to the Table  

“From a female-to-female perspective, my philosophy is to focus not on what you are, but rather on who you are. I encourage all women to bring their experiences and unique perspectives to the table in a positive way to drive richer, better results.”