Brigit Freedman

Brigit Freedman quote, Take a step back and imagine the possibilities. Imagine and bring other people into your vision.

Director of Recruiting

Brigit Freedman oversees recruiting for PAE’s Global Mission Services business unit. She previously led recruiting initiatives for National Security Solutions. It was in that role that she battled breast cancer. Freedman said she was supported by her team and PAE leadership as she worked through her treatments. Freedman is now a survivor of nearly three years working to impart her knowledge on future leaders through the PAE Mentoring Program. She’s a working mother of two and said she’s generous with her advice to mentees about balancing a career and being a parent.


Imagine the Possibilities!

“I always imagine what is being done at PAE and what we can do differently, better. Take a step back and imagine the possibilities. Imagine and bring other people into your vision – have them poke holes in it. Have a conversation about ideas. Inspire and innovate together. Come together as a team and talk it out, brainstorm. Everyone is on an equal playing field when it comes to making things happen.”


What Was the Best Career Advice You Ever Received?

“One of my bosses told me early in my career, ‘Never put anything into writing that you wouldn’t put on a Times Square billboard.’  Be your own advocate. Find someone who is willing to mentor you and have to bounce your ideas on. I’m proud of be part of the PAE Mentoring Program.”


What Should Women Consider Before Working in This Field?

“They’re going to have to be assertive, direct and they will be their own best advocate. No one is going to hand it to you. If there are opportunities that are out of your current scope, ask to be a part of projects and opportunities. Ask for additional work, don’t just accept status quo – know what you need to get to the next level and make sure to get those learning opportunities. Push yourself do things outside of your comfort zone!”


Be Thankful

“Daily gratitude exercise: What are you grateful for? My team takes it into their lives and it becomes a part of their DNA. We start HR meetings off by telling each other what we are grateful for—something simple and profound.”