With a dynamic global workforce that fills positions as diverse as the people in them, we maximize the potential of our team to ensure the best possible service to our clients. Innovation is a hallmark of our corporate culture, to the benefit of our client and our teams who serve them.

Business Development Analyst Works Smart to Streamline Processes
Elizabeth Baldwin
With 31 years of experience in supply chain, recently appointed vice president Christine Ottobre is excited to join the PAE team.
Christine Ottobre
Heather Dallara came to PAE last June as vice president of contracts for PAE’s National Security Solutions business unit and has found comradery at PAE despite the limitations of remote work due to COVID-19.
Heather Dallara
Brigit Freedman oversees recruiting for PAE’s Global Mission Services business unit.
Brigit Freedman
Shakira Geanes started her career in human resources at an HR staffing agency and has remained in HR ever since.
Shakira Geanes
Patricia Munchel joined PAE in 2014 and leads Human Resources for the company.
Patricia Munchel
Kylie Rogers was recently named the vice president of Human Resources for PAE’s National Security Solutions business unit.
Kylie Rogers
Cris Rice is one of PAE’s newest leaders, joining PAE in 2020 to lead the Readiness & Sustainment areas of the company’s Global Mission Services Business.
Cristal (Cris) Rice
Karina Vollmer leads PAE’s ethics and compliance efforts, including ownership of the company’s Code of Conduct, ethics hotline and facilitating annual employee ethics and compliance training.
Karina Vollmer
Ji Elliott took a disciplined approach to success in Bagram.
Ji Elliott
Under the microscope: Brian Ritter embodies integrity.
Brian Ritter
Chad Weatherly builds trust to be his best.
Chad Weatherly
Rosann Peterson shows us all how to work smart.
Rosann Peterson
Jamy Yon weathers storms with integrity.
Jamy Yon
Eartha Smith’s customer focus is out of this world.
Eartha Smith