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By Kerry McGinley

When Robert Jackson was a kid, he didn’t have a clear vision of a future a career of service. Now director of Strategic Airforce Capture for PAE, he sees how his first career in the Air Force prepared him for his new role at PAE. 

By Kerry McGinley

The Marine Corps was the first of the armed services to automate its personnel records, and Ellen Hill was the subject matter expert who helped streamline its data. She helped re-engineer the way the Marine Corps handles information of thousands of men and women in uniform in the 1990s and paved the way for modern systems to enable service members to access their records. 

By Kerry McGinley

When Alvaro Flores was a young boy, he was fascinated by the helicopters that took off and landed near his Gypsum, Colorado, home. He also deeply admired his elementary school teachers who helped him learn English, the second language he worked to master after his family immigrated from Mexico. Both set him on his ultimate career path. He won multiple scholarships support his college education, but the funds decreased his final year. Financial pressure and dreams of aviation prompted him to quit college his senior year and join the Army.

By Kerry McGinley

The park used to be filled with static displays of aircraft and the occasional visitor. But the PAE team at MacDill transformed the MacDill Memorial Park into an award-winning outdoor space that brings the community together to commemorate Air Force history and seaside recreation.

“It’s like a living park,” said Evangeline Baulch, PAE Programs and Engineering Services manager. “It’s a unique project that brings different communities together. It’s not just for the military, but it’s also an opportunity to interact with the public outside of the base.”

By Terrence Nowlin

Hurricane Michael, the first Category 5 hurricane to strike the contiguous United States since 1992, devastated Florida's Tyndall Air Force Base in October 2018. James "Jamy" Yon lost his home in the storm but still managed to be the first PAE contractor back on base to assess the damage 

"All facilities were damaged, many were destroyed," he said. 

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