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By Terrence Nowlin

The work of a dedicated employee can leave a lasting impact on his or her team. The indelible mark of care and competence lasts for years—and in the case of Mirwais Sadaat, across continents.

In 2012 and 2013, Sadaat was an Afghan local working as a finance officer on a PAE contract there.

By Kerry McGinley

For Claudia Taylor, job success is built on bridging culture gaps. The senior business operations manager for PAE’s Global Mission Services division knows when she’s dealing with a workforce based outside of the continental United States, recognizing local customs is the foundation of a productive, effective team.

“It’s always a great thing to see how U.S. companies like PAE learn to adapt and include those different cultures and grow,” she said. “It makes it a great company. Having a diverse workforce makes great business and ethical sense.”

By Kerry McGinley

If you check a weather app or listen to your local news for your forecast, the data on storms likely came from a buoy floating in one of the world’s oceans. Stephanie Jordan, operations specialist for the National Data Buoy Center at Stennis Space Center, is a critical part of the team that ensures that network of reporting devices stays afloat. 

“Those buoys, basically they’re saving lives,” she said. “They’re saving property. They give us our weather, they give us our climate.” 

By Kerry McGinley

As the clock ticks down on the expiration of the principal nuclear arms treaty between the U.S. and Russia, PAE Senior Vice President of Defense and Security Ken Myers testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on why the critical agreement must remain in effect.

By Kerry McGinley

Dabren Wills counts at least 10 trips across the Atlantic Ocean this year. The director of Operations for Expeditionary Support Services trots the globe to ensure customers the world over are getting the level of service they require and to expand PAE’s support of the U.S. government and its allies. 

“We are really in the middle of implementing some of the most important missions in the world,” Wills said of his team’s work. “We’re in a customer-driven business.”

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