U.S. Navy Recognizes PAE Team's Exceptional Performance on F-5 Adversary Program with Three Prestigious Awards

The PAE aircraft maintenance team supporting the VFC-13 unit of the U.S. Navy’s F-5 Adversary Program in Fallon, Nevada, received three awards in recognition of their exceptional performance in a recent external maintenance audit. Only one Golden Wrench, Battle E and Battle S award are given each year. In 2020, the Navy awarded the PAE team in Fallon all three.

“For a single squadron to win all three of these awards in a single year is truly remarkable,” the Commander Tactical Support Wing award notification said. “Of the at least 15 Golden Wrench Awards achieved by VFC-13, three occurred during PAE’s current contract.”

The Golden Wrench Award, also known as the Commander Tactical Support Wing Maintenance Excellence Award, recognizes outstanding performance in aircraft maintenance. The Battle E Award recognizes overall effectiveness of unit programs and initiatives, “which equates to being a model squadron for other Navy squadrons to emulate,” according to the CTS Wing. While the Safety S Award recognizes units operating as close as possible to having no safety incidents, “VFC-13 was truly mishap-free.”

The team’s exceptional performance in 2020 spans support for various Navy detachments, classes, inspections and prototype aircraft modifications. PAE Site Operations Manager for the unit Jeffrey Lundy said the professionalism and dedication demonstrated by the Maintenance Department throughout 2020 reflected the Navy’s highest standards.

“Today’s Naval Aviators are well prepared to go into harm’s way due to the quality of training provided by our customer, VFC-13,” Lundy said. “The Maintenance Department’s role in the squadron’s ability to provide that training is both integral and impressive.”

PAE Vice President of Readiness and Sustainment Cristal Rice said the team’s achievements serve as examples of PAE’s values in action.

“I’m so proud of the PAE Team on receiving this prestigious award,” Rice said. “Our goal is to provide our customers world class support and win-win sustainment solutions for these complex aviation programs. Many thanks to the F-5 CLS team for everything you do each and every day!”