Training Products and Logistics Capabilities

| Q3 2015 Inside PAE

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With the acquisition of A-T Solutions, PAE gained the ability to produce simulated improvised explosive devices (IEDs) for use in training, custom-designed mission support kits, and fulfillment and supply chain services. MSD also provides logistics and mission support capabilities.

Combined Logistics Operations Center

The MSD team, led by Vice President John Connell, operates out of the 43,350-square-foot Combined Logistics Operations Center (C-LOC) in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The facility offers 10,000 square feet of office and laboratory space in addition to scalable production and warehouse areas with abundant industrial electrical service. The facility also includes classified space to perform global supply chain functions.

MSD personnel integrate custom fabrications, components and parts to create tailor-made solutions for Special Operation Forces (SOF) and Department of Defense (DoD) customers. They maintain relationships with hundreds of vendors, who supply thousands of items for integration and delivery.

International Logistics and Material Acquisition

The logistics activities performed by the MSD team include warehouse services, general and specialized logistics services, and supply chain and life cycle management.

MSD personnel manage inventory at our facility and customer sites, manage government furnished equipment (GFE), pre-position materials offshore, consolidate equipment and expedite freight forwarding. They procure equipment in itemized and bulk quantities, cross-dock, pack and store items, assemble mission-specific kits and perform logistics related to deploying personnel. They also support field service representatives and provide logistics and sustainment analysis and support.

MSD accomplishes on-demand logistics in all operational and physical environments. ISO 9001:2008-certified for the provision of antiterrorism and counterterrorism program management solutions and services, MSD's rapid response capability complies with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)/Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and country-specific import requirements. Support of thousands of global expeditionary missions has made the MSD team members experts in logistics support.

Building Bombs with Everything but the Boom

"MSD custom builds products and ships them worldwide," said John Connell. "The team produces more than 15,000 realistic, relevant training devices per year for use by law enforcement, DoD, Department of State, first responder, and international customers across 60 locations." MSD employees reverse engineer devices and use a multipronged methodology to ensure product relevancy. A global cadre pushes real-time event data from the battlefield to training device builders who replicate prototypes within days of discovery of new devices.

"After the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, MSD fabricators, using information available through open sources, replicated the pressure cooker IED used in the attack," said John. "Our ability to quickly duplicate devices ensures our inventory's currency, which is vital to our customers."

MSD fabricators work with intelligence analysts to develop simulated IEDs that mirror evolving global threats. For instance, they recently reverse engineered a device that an Iranian terror cell used in a failed attack in Bangkok, Thailand. This one was a small, portable radio that concealed a device designed to be detonated by the person who found it.

John explained, "We provide a full range of IED surrogates including simple victim-operated devices used against troops in Afghanistan, complex WMD-style devices, radio-controlled IEDs and printer bombs like those found on cargo planes in October 2010."

Former U.S. Army Combined Joint Task Force Paladin training Sgt. Maj. Lamont Washington said, "These guys are top notch at what they do."

Specialized Tools, Mission-Specific Kits and Product Catalog

MSD's online catalog provides training devices and mission-specific tools and kits. The group is an authorized distributor (value-added reseller, or VAR) of specialized tools and equipment used by military and law enforcement personnel to detect, defeat, mitigate and render safe explosive charges, HME and IEDs. In addition to mission-specific tools, the catalog includes training devices and kits. Replica devices and kits legitimize training because they are based on credible, current threats and tactics.

"Our replica lab kits add realism to the training environment," said Chuck Sheppard, MSD Director of Business Development. "Labels in foreign languages, realistically weathered tools and genuine equipment add authenticity. Kits include the same locally sourced materials that terrorists and criminals scrounge in austere locations worldwide. They improve trainees' situational awareness and teach sensitive site exploitation and identification of precursor material, components and indicators."