“Sometimes Computers Are What You Need to Progress”

PAEcares helps students progress at home and in school.

Who doesn't like a story about gratitude during the holiday season? This one is particularly heartwarming for all the PAE people involved in the PAEcares Community Outreach Program.

Tammie Jackson, PAE Facility Operations Manager and a lead volunteer for PAEcares, recently had the privilege of helping two schools, heavily challenged by the pandemic and by insufficient access to technology, to perform their awesome mission. Tammie along with members of both the Legal and Marcomm teams, volunteered to help distribute technology throughout the day. 

She reported, "First we connected with Shining Stars Montessori Academy in Washington, D.C where we delivered Meeting Owl Pros – technology for intelligent video conferencing – to enhance the learning experience of students who are still doing virtual school."

Rachel Briggs, Shining Stars' Director of Curriculum and Administration, voiced her delight, "Now, by using the Owl technology, our students in class and our students at home can be immersed in their learning experience. The Owl technology let them see not only what their teachers are doing but also what their peers are doing. They can feel like they are actually right there in the room versus at home."

Gail Jenkins, the school's principal welcomed another benefit of PAE's gift. "We are excited to have the Owls. Another way we will be using them is to let our teachers record themselves as they teach, so that they can look back and see where they can make improvements. So we are going to use it as well as a professional development tool to help coach our teachers."

Our next PAEcares stop was at The Social Justice School founded by Myron Long, also in Washington, D.C. "We delivered another 30 Chromebooks, adding to our donation of 60 Chromebooks last year. So now, every student at The Social Justice School can use a Chromebook when they are learning at home."

Mr. Long said, "We know that kids are more engaged when they have opportunity to think critically about the world and have the opportunity to do something about it…. Now our students can go into liberation design lab where they can use technology in order to build prototypes of solutions to the issues they have been studying. So our partnership with PAE has been really, really fundamental in this mission… Last year many of our students did not have access, so now every student will have a device at school that they can access and a device at home that they can access as well.

A young scholar at The Social Justice School said it simply – and best, "We appreciate all the assistance from you guys with giving us computers, because sometimes computers are what you need to progress."

How right she is, and now, thanks to PAEcares, these student can progress.