Site Manager Credits Employees for Continued Safety at McAllen Site

By Lindsay Emery

Working in aviation requires carefully managing risk, and Site Manager Adam Skretta prioritizes focusing on certain pertinent issues to his maintenance operations program during routine safety meetings.

"We have weekly safety meetings covering program wide topics or simply local topics in need of awareness to help ensure employee safety and to combat complacent behavior with tasks we perform day to day, day in, day out," Skretta said. "It can be easy to forget the dangers of our job and how important situational awareness and attention to detail are to ensure employee safety."

As site manager for the McAllen, Texas, program, Skretta oversees the 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week maintenance shift and overall day-to-day maintenance operations for all Customs and Border Protection aircraft.

Skretta first joined DS2 in 2010, which was later acquired by PAE. Skretta says the biggest perk of working at PAE is his daily interactions with his fellow employees.

"You would tend to think one of the biggest perks would be working on the variety of interesting aircraft in the CBP fleet," Skretta said. "To be honest, in my opinion, it's working day to day with the on-site PAE employees and local customer."

His employee-first mentality and attention to detail has earned Skretta recognition as a PAE Values Champion for the value "Be Safe." Aircraft Quality Control Inspector Brian Flynn nominated Skretta for his diligent work.

"When he was given our site to oversee, he made it his mission to improve upon the aircraft status report to reflect the information that would best serve both the pilots and maintenance technicians," Flynn said.

Since every site is different with varying numbers of people on staff supporting multiple pilots with different flight profiles and configurations. Skretta knows that he needs to lead by example so everyone can practice safety conducting their inspections every day.

"As a leader, if I'm not staying safe or I'm not cultivating a culture of safety, it would be left to the employees to take the initiative," Skretta said. "But as a leader, if it's emanating from me, it's a much easier for the employees to take that lead and continue safe practices."