Recruiter Stories: Best Interview Experience

On a very typical, somewhat entry-career level OCONUS interview, the program manager asked at the end if the candidate had any questions. The candidate said, “Yes sir, could you please describe your career path and how you got to your level?” The PM was somewhat surprised, but I think he enjoyed telling his story of how his career developed.


At the end, the candidate thanked him for his service. It was a great way for the candidate to learn about the leadership, but I learned more about the program manager also and it was a nicety that gets overlooked in our busy schedules!


I like to walk my candidates through a brief description of what to expect. For example, there will be a series of technical questions, but it's a casual conversation, so share your experience. I literally say don't be shy! This is your chance to shine, so talk about your experience freely, they want to hear!

I sometimes ask a scenario question: You are responsible for a report that is distributed and impacts others. You realize you make a mistake after it's distributed. How do you correct? Most answer make a correct ASAP, but I always like the ones that say they own the mistake and apologize for the inconvenience.