PAE Employee and Army Veteran Helping Rebuild Kenyan School

| FOX NEWS World

While working in Kenya over the last year, training the Kenyan Defense Forces to disarm improvised explosive devices, former Army Reserve Lt. Col. Jason Souza noticed many local children had no shoes - but had to walk 10 miles a day to and from school over hot, rocky, thorny lava fields.

With the help of friends and community groups, Souza and his family collected 600 pairs of shoes and clothes for the children.

Remarkably, that effort blossomed into a more ambitious one, the rebuilding of an overcrowded, dilapidated children's home in Archer's Post, Kenya.

Dismayed by the poverty and inspired by the dedication of the director and smiles of the children, Souza and co-workers at Arlington-based PAE, a defense contracting firm, are working to raise $30,000 in the next two weeks. That will enable them to finish the home, known as the Mama Wachiras Children's Home, before the team leaves Kenya.

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