PAE Delivers Refurbished UH-1N to Customs & Border Protection

U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Office of Air and Marine (OAM) received the first of eight refurbished UH-1N helicopters on February 10, 2015. PAE was awarded the contract for the refurbishment of the eight helicopters by OAM. The helicopters had been listed as excess by another government agency and purchased by OAM as it strives to continue its mission in an economical way.

"The overhaul of these helicopters will provide years of reliable service to OAM and our mission partners," said Kevin Boissonneault, Director of OAM's Logistics and Maintenance Division, the division which initiated the helicopter purchase and refurbishment program.

Charlie Love, who serves as PAE's vice president for its Customs & Border Protection program, commented that "The cost to refurbish these aircraft is significantly less expensive than the purchase of new helicopters, and provides a long range flying capability."

Love and his team at PAE oversaw every detail of the refurbishment to include inspections, airframe repairs, engineering design reviews, component overhaul, installation of up-to-date avionics equipment, and the painting of interior and exterior surfaces.

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