PAE Client Exec Speaks to Industry Leaders on WMD Threat Reduction

By Leilani Romero

Ken Myers has built a career on keeping the nation safe from weapons of mass destruction. The PAE client executive for defense and security has worked on an agency and policy level to mitigate global threats. He spent 15 years working with Sen. Richard Lugar, a Republican from Indiana, who with Sen. Sam Nunn, a Democrat from Georgia, passed bipartisan legislation to address the threat of WMD.

"PAE is the first new Nunn-Lugar performer in over 25 years," Myers said at the Advanced Nuclear Weapons Alliance Capitol Hill Luncheon May 22. PAE is one of six performers on the Cooperative Threat Reduction Integrating Contract. The company is stopping weapons of mass destruction from harming Americans through steadfast and dynamic innovation, Myers said. It's the first new contractor to do so in more than two decades, he said.

In his speech to colleagues, Myers shared his perspective. Nonproliferation and counterproliferation programs are "part and parcel of our strategic deterrence," he said.

PAE nonproliferation programs on the ground include providing training services to customers, working with clients such as Defense Threat Reduction Agency or the Department of Defense and providing counter-threat solutions to stop global threats like Ebola. The bottom line: This work puts PAE in the position to keep people safe, he said.

The defense community is changing, he said. In the past 15 years, these programs have transformed because opportunities are now smaller in size, while the mission is still just as important for our country's safety and future. Myers explained the importance of this community to the private sector and why reaching out to the next generation is key to close the generation gap in the current aging nuclear community.

"Companies like PAE are saving American lives every day," he said.