PAE Assists with the Transportation of the James Webb Space Telescope STTARS

Photo Credit: NASA/Chris Gunn

PAE, through its base operations contract at NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, recently assisted with the transportation of the James Webb Space Telescope "STTARS" (Space Telescope Transporter for Air Road and Sea) in its journey from Maryland to Texas.

Two employees from PAE's Rigging Department at JSC traveled from Texas to NASA's Goddard Center on February 4 to load STTARS, a large shipping container containing a test model of a part of the Webb telescope called the "Pathfinder Backplane" onto a C-5 aircraft. Once in Texas, the PAE rigging experts unloaded STTARS and delivered it to a clean room at JSC.

"It was very rewarding to assist NASA through the process of transporting STTARS," said David Popham, who serves as PAE's Program Manager at JSC. "This is the type of logistical challenge, a cross-country delivery of enormous, delicate and priceless equipment, that our team loves to solve and execute for our customer."

For the full story and a video of STTARS arriving at JSC, please follow this link to the article on NASA's news site.