First Quarterly NSS Continuous Improvement Award Won

Human Resources Generalist Kelsey Goodwin won the first National Security Solutions Continuous Improvement award by creating Mission Support Group Track Stars to highlight different career paths available to employees within PAE through an individualized career development plan.

When Goodwin and her team saw a higher-than-normal attrition rate in the Augusta program over a couple of years, she tried to identify why employees were leaving.

“What was happening was they were getting their updated clearances and then they were leaving PAE to get a different job or to work for the government directly, so we were losing a lot of our cleared employees,” Goodwin said.

Employees who received their updated clearances were unsure about next steps and what they could do with their new clearances within PAE. Goodwin developed resources for employees’ skill development for career paths in operations and management, construction surveillance security, physical security, personal security, administration and operations and intelligence.

Director of NSS Continuous Improvement Chip Bjork explained the importance of implementing NSS’s Continuous Improvement award counterpart to GMS and the benefits of recognizing PAE’s employees for their hard work.

“It’s one company at the end of the day and the goal is not just for one part of the company to have an investment in CI but that the whole company experiences this increase in culture.”

Bjork found MSG Track Stars intriguing because it could be used as a retention tool and a potential recruiting tool by showing employees how they can advance in their own careers within PAE.

MSG Track Stars pairs employees with career development specialists to assist in identifying career goals and any competency or skill gaps. From there, the specialist develops ways to close those gaps and identify new positions by talking to managers.

“We have six different career tracks right now that shows our employees different careers that they can take within PAE because we wanted to help retain our cleared personnel and also show them that PAE isn’t just one job, it’s a lifetime career if they would like it to be,” Goodwin said.

With the current rate of promotions, NSS is expected to save over $600,000 by retaining 13 additional employees by the end of 2021. Currently, the Track Stars project has led to eight promotions.

Goodwin was excited to win the first NSS Kaizen award since the Track Stars project allowed her to receive her Green Belt. The award also shows how much the Track Stars project was valued.

“It just shows the great strides PAE is taking to better PAE for our employees, especially within the last three years, seeing what we’ve done,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin is hoping to expand the program to all NSS with one career development specialist that spans multiple career tracks by adding ten to 15 employees four times a year depending on resources. Within Mission Support, Goodwin anticipates an increased continuation of retention and promotions that will continue to build.