CBP Leader Visits Manassas Site

PAE operations personnel supporting the Customs and Border Protection maintenance contract in Manassas met with Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Commissioner Troy Miller on April 6. Site Manager Robert Williams explained how Miller attended a presentation about the site and thanked the Manassas team for keeping CBP safe while flying.

“We care about our pilots and the customer and making sure they have safe and reliable aircraft to meet their mission,” Williams said. “Anytime anybody recognizes that and has some show or display of appreciation at any level, whether it’s the pilots, supervisors, the director of operations here, or somebody from headquarters, it’s always appreciated.”

As site manager, Williams is responsible for the mechanics, quality insurance inspectors and supply technicians that work together to maintain the aircraft. The site covers routine maintenance requirements like scheduled inspections, write-ups that may have occurred during flight and other facility items.