PAE and its wholly owned Singaporean subsidiary, Service Systems (Singapore) Pte Ltd, have provided materials management and logistics services to international oil firms in support of exploration operations since 1970. Major projects completed and on-going include:

PT Tripatra Engineers and Constructors for Mobil Oil Exploration Indonesia Incorporation:

From 1997 to 1999, PAE provided procurement, logistic support, materials handling and management services for the client, a consortium of companies including PT Tripatra and Toyo Engineering Corporation. More than 20,000 tons of equipment and materials produced worldwide and valued at US$60, million were consolidated in Singapore for further shipment to Lhokseumawe Port in Aceh North Sumatra, Indonesia. The $300 million project for Mobil Oil began in 1997 and encompassed engineering, procurement and construction of an onshore initial gas production platform, gas pipeline, and onshore gas treatment facilities

PT Tripatra for Excelcommindo project, from 1997 to 1998:

PAE provided procurement and materials management services for the optical fiber cable network project in Java.

PT Imeco for Procurement and Warehousing Services since 1984:

Under this ongoing contract, PAE provides logistics support including procurement and warehousing services.

PT Indoturbine for Logistical Support Services since 1985:

PAE is responsible for processing shipping documentation such as submission of invoices for consular approval, booking reservations for marine or air shipment of materials, etc. PAE also processes banking activity such as reviewing Letter of Credit documentation and arranging correction for any discrepancies found. Cargo includes Solar Turbine generator sets, compressor packages and regular supply of parts. The total volume transacted is approximately 2,000 metric ton per annum and valued at US$20 million per annum. Other services include storage and warehousing, materials handling, export packing, transportation and arranging for inland or marine insurance.

PT Kaltim Prima Coal in 1992:

PAE was responsible for materials management and transhipment services of construction materials and power supply systems from Singapore to Tanjung Bara in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Scope of work included:

  • (1) Receiving and off-loading cargo from various shipping points;
  • (2) Providing labor, lifting equipment, transport equipment to facilitate movement of cargo to appropriate storage area or direct re-loading onto vessel for direct shipment to Tanjung Bara or Balikpapan;
  • (3) Handling of loading (per consolidated shipments); and
  • (4) Attendance of SGS inspection as needed.

PT Kaltim Prima Coal in 1991:

PAE provided Materials management and transhipment services for the overland conveyor and power supply systems to construct a coal mine and transportation system in Kalimantan, Indonesia. More than 11,000 tons of machinery and other fabricated items received from manufacturers and vendors worldwide were received in Singapore, stored in a bonded area and then moved by charter vessel to the job site. Modes of transport include charter of marine transport vessels and a 1,000-ton floating crane to lift heavy cargo from ocean-going ships to Singapore docks and onto barges for delivery to job site.

In addition to logistical support services for oil exploration projects, PAE handles the procurement of building materials for construction projects. These include building accessories and over-length cranes. Materials are sourced and procured according to engineering and design specifications, and then shipped to schedule.

Facilities Management, South Asia Pacific Region