CivPol Description by Task Order

Civilian Police/CivPol Base Contract

In support of the U.S. Department of State Civilian Police program, PAE establishes and maintains a cadre of 2,000 experienced law enforcement personnel and justice professionals that are trained and eligible for assignment overseas to an international justice and civilian or bilateral police assistance mission.  PAE provides pre-deployment and deployment support consisting of administrative, technical, logistical or other unanticipated services.  In addition, PAE provides procurement services to obtain equipment for foreign police and some construction services to support foreign police.  More information available on the Department of State Civilian Police Fact Sheet.


In response to deteriorating conditions in Haiti, the United Nations (UN) established the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and authorized a Civilian Police to “…assist the Transitional Government in monitoring, reforming and restructuring the Haitian National Police, consistent with democratic policing standards, including through the vetting and certification of its personnel, advising on its reorganization and training, including gender training, as well as monitoring/mentoring members of the Haitian National Police...” PAE has 100 officers deployed to provide enhanced operational support to the Haitian National Police and to strengthen security arrangements at the capital.


PAE assists in building the full capacity of the Lebanese Government to protect its citizens and national borders, and also helps to train the Lebanese Internal Security Force (ISF or national police). In order to achieve positive results in Lebanon, the U.S. provides support to enhance ISF capabilities, specifically to include the provision of law enforcement training and equipment.


PAE’s mission is to support the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) in its mission to train civilian police officers in Southern Sudan under the Comprehensive Criminal Justice Sector Development Program (CCJSDP). PAE’s management structure and technical approach is to provide police advisors and support services at the highest quality.

Liberia Justice Sector Support Program

In 2005 PAE was awarded a contract to provide a U.S.-led team of legal advisors to Liberia. In January 2006, the Justice Sector Support Program for Liberia (JSSL) was deployed, comprised of experts in prosecution, defense, court administration and budgeting. To date, the team has worked closely with senior levels of the Liberian Ministry of Justice to provide ideas, training, one on one consultation and assistance to Liberian counterparts on a wide range of justice-related topics.

Liberia CIVPOL

After decades of civil war, the UN Security Council established the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), under which Civilian Police, advise, train and assist (among other important duties) the Liberian National Police and other criminal justice institutions. They are an integral part in assisting with disarmament, the demobilization and reintegration program (DDR), monitoring the human rights situation and providing critical training and capacity building. The Emergency Response Unit (ERU), a program that deals with training on high risk situations, has also been successfully implemented.

Afghanistan Corrections System Support Program/CSSP

The Afghanistan Corrections System Support Program (CSSP), started in 2006, supports the development of a professional, accountable and centralized Afghanistan corrections system. The mission for the CSSP is to assist the Afghan Ministry of Justice’s (MOJ) Central Prison Directorate and Juvenile Rehabilitation Directorate along with the Ministry of Interior's (MOI) Detention Centers in expanding Afghan capacity for the effective care, custody, treatment and reintegration of persons detained and incarcerated within the Afghanistan criminal justice system. The CSSP will help reform and support the MOJ and MOI through training, mentoring and advising their respective correctional staffs.  Click here to see the CSSP Requirements.

Afghanistan Justice Sector Support Program/JSSP

The Afghanistan Justice Sector Support Program (JSSP) is a multi-pronged effort focused on developing and strengthening the capacity of the Afghan criminal justice sector institutions and justice professionals.  JSSP is funded by the United States Department of State/Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).  PAE is INL’s prime contractor responsible for implementing JSSP for over 6 years.  Through capacity building, technical advice and direct assistance, JSSP helps justice institutions and mentors justice professionals, including judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Afghan National Police (ANP).  Currently, JSSP operates in Kabul city, as well as the provinces of Herat, Mazar-i-Sharif, Kunduz, Nangarhar, Paktia and Kandahar.  In addition to working with justice institutions, JSSP participates in a variety of projects designed to promote access to a fair and effective justice system. For a breakdown of JSSP’s work in Afghanistan, click here.


Within Afghanistan, drug traffickers are protected from law enforcement by insurgent organizations who then derive a significant amount of revenue from drugs. Recently, Afghanistan drug laws have been improved, and the Counter Narcotics Police – Afghanistan (CNPA) has been established, modeled after the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. PAE provides training, equipment and operations and maintenance needed to support this program.

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Civilian police training exercises in Haiti; criminal justice mentoring in Liberia; Team of advisors for the Afghanistan Justice Sector Support Program.