Special Operations Forces Training and Education

Develop leaders and equip forces to provide decision advantage.

Expert training and education translates to mission readiness. PAE provides comprehensive individual, unit, and collective training support as well as unparalleled multi-faceted joint force education to special operations forces. We integrate multi-medium, web-based virtual training and instruction while addressing our client’s most pressing needs through fast-response mobile training teams. Our industry-leading instructors bring real-world experience and a passion for sharing their expertise.

Our mission critical training support ranges from traditional classroom instruction to virtual training and real-world, multi-role and pre-deployment training and simulations. Our instructors come from the special operations communities they train and instruct. This insight allows us to work closely with clients to identify critical training and educational objectives, advise on the best training and instructional methods to meet those objectives, and then execute tailored training and education events, while assessing individual, unit, and collective performance. We also deploy mobile training and education teams as needed across the globe to meet the diverse global needs of special operations forces, the U.S. government, and its allies.

PAE understands the importance of creating educational content that is both enriching and compelling. To do this, we employee education teams consisting of curriculum developers, instructional system designers, graphics and multimedia specialists, and experienced instructors. With years of experience, PAE can provide the right mix of educational specialists for a variety of SOF, United States government, interagency and international partners.

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Functional Areas
  • Tailored Individual, Unit, and Collective Training
  • Classroom /Virtual Education
  • Curriculum Development/Accreditation
  • Customized Exercise Scenarios
Customers We Serve
  • Department of Defense
  • US Government
  • Interagency Partners
  • Foreign National Partners
Our Instructors

From counter threat finance to Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ machine learning (ML) , to design thinking, PAE is continually adding expertise and depth to its training and education cadre. PAE’s focus is simple: To deliver cutting-edge instruction that special operations forces, the United States government, and it’s interagency and international partners require and can trust when in real-world, mission-critical scenarios.

Counter Threat Finance

PAE’s Counter Threat Finance (CTF) analysts and planners provide intelligence and support to law enforcement and intelligence community partners to counter money laundering and illicit financial flows, as well as illegal narcotics, weapons, human, and other illicit trafficking, kidnapping for ransom, corruption, and more.

PAE analysts and planners bring extensive experience and expertise supporting operations, sanctions processes, criminal investigations, and asset forfeiture/seizure efforts to combat threats posed by international terrorist and insurgent funding.

PAE personnel understand the importance of strategic CTF planning and are uniquely qualified to operate within the DASD Framework/Policy mandating that each GCC develop a plan to do CTF and determine the linkage to international narcotics trafficking and transnational organized crime. PAE personnel operate with the both the operational and strategic focus necessary to assist each CCMD and interagency partner with these plans.

Intelligence Analysis and Operations
Advanced National Security Threat Training Solutions