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PAE provides full service, turnkey medical services solutions around the country.



PAE temporary hospital solutions are tailored to meet federal, state, local and international hospital surge requirements. We rapidly establish, staff and operate alternate care facilities serving up to more than 1,000 patients, in brick-and-mortar buildings or temporary field hospitals to provide the necessary level of care.

  • Adaptable Facility Type: PAE can repurpose existing structures of any size, including hotels or convention centers, and build fully functional field hospitals with tented or temporary structures of any size or configuration.
  • Flexible Level of Patient Care: Our deep bench of medical personnel and robust logistics integration capability enables PAE to provide any level of patient care - from low-acuity/observation to intensive care unit.
  • Scalable (rapidly increase capacity): PAE’s temporary hospital solution can be quickly scaled-up, recreated at multiple sites, scaled-down or maintained in warm status (no patients/clinical staff mobilized). We adjust all staff, equipment and supplies to adapt to rapidly changing operational environments.
  • Full Hospital Staffing: We recruit and staff doctors, nurses, paramedics and other clinicians from outside the area to ensure no impact on local resources.
  • Reliable Supply Chain: We have an extensive network of medical suppliers to ensure sustainability of a fully functional hospital, including personal protective equipment.
  • Wrap-Around Services and Logistics Integration: PAE provides complete wrap-around services, including food, laundry/linens and shower/ablution units. We support every aspect of facility operation and maintenance including biohazard waste removal, power, HVAC, plumbing and security/fire. PAE provides clinical/non-clinical staffing, procurement, logistics, and all required services.
  • Local Economic Impact: We employ local non-clinical labor and locally procured equipment and supplies to generate a positive impact on the local community.
  • Decontamination Services: PAE performs full decontamination by licensed professionals in complete compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, American Industrial Hygiene Association, and state and local regulations and directives.

Case Study: Georgia Alternate Care Facility (April 2020 - present)

PAE built and operated a 200-bed alternate care facility with full clinical and wrap-around services and facilities operations and maintenance at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. It was fully operational within seven days - a day ahead of schedule. This facility was scaled down to a warm status but re-activated in December 2020 and re-configured to treat up to 112 mid-/high-acuity patients. PAE closely and effectively coordinates with state and local institutions including the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, Georgia Department of Public Health, Grady Health System, GWCC facility staff and Georgia State Police.



PAE provides medical diagnostic testing at fixed sites - indoor and outdoor - or via a mobile testing capability.

  • Scalable and Flexible: PAE’s testing solution can be quickly scaled-up, recreated at multiple sites, or scaled-down. We adjust all staff, equipment and supplies to adapt to rapidly changing operational environments.
  • Laboratory Services: PAE can establish static or mobile laboratories with staff to provide in-house reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction or other molecular diagnostic test processing capability.
  • Information Management: We provide electronic medical records data integration and management, case management and resource coordination with our customers and authorized third parties.
  • Effective Integration: PAE closely and effectively coordinates with all levels of government as well as local health care system and ancillary service providers.
  • Reliable Supply Chain: We have an extensive network of medical suppliers to ensure sustainability of a fully functional testing capability, including personal protective equipment.

Case Studies

PAE has an established history of successfully executing complex medical testing programs for U.S. federal, state and local governments; Native American Sovereign Nations; and other commercial customers.

  • Southeastern Conference COVID Testing Services (August 2020 - present): PAE provides pre-competition COVID-19 testing services to the Southeastern Conference student-athletes, coaches, officials and other staff at 15 SEC locations. As of January 2021, PAE has successfully administered nearly 180,000 tests and leveraged an extensive network of eight in-house and third-party labs.
  • Navajo Nation COVID-19 Response (September 2020 - present): PAE provides comprehensive COVID-19 response services including testing and laboratory services throughout the Navajo Nation, an area the size of West Virginia.
  • Georgia Alternate Care Facility (April 2020 - present): PAE established and operated an alternate care facility with up to a 200-bed capacity and full clinical and wrap-around services including testing.
  • Other Notable PAE Corporate Experience (2014-2015): PAE established and operated 10 Ebola treatment units and surge hospitals throughout Liberia for the U.S. Agency for International Development.



PAE provides vaccine administration services at fixed sites - indoor and outdoor - or via a mobile capability with a focus on supporting underserved populations that traditional hubs, like hospitals and pharmacies, have difficulty reaching. This includes logistics (ultra-cold storage/transport), scalable information management systems (linking to vaccine registries) and close integration with all stakeholders within the National Response Framework.

Scalable, Flexible and Adaptable Approach

  • Individual operational plan to meet a client’s specific requirements
  • Resources that can be rapidly mobilized and focused, including people, equipment, supplies and services
  • Size and duration are fully scalable to adapt to meet ever-changing requirements across multiple localities to address response needs through distributed concept of operations
  • Robust clinical recruiting infrastructure
  • Vaccine distribution augmented from hubs to spokes and PODs (last mile delivery)
  • Mobile, community-based and drive-thru clinics established based on vaccine availability and population eligibility

Information Management and Operational Integration

  • A robust command and control capability incorporated to monitor changing events and support an overall unity of effort with all organizations and agencies within the National Response Framework
  • Provision of vaccine inventory management
  • Models and protocols established for vaccine dispensary
  • Patient portal registration, integration into state immunization registries and third-party billing for insurance reimbursement via an interoperable healthcare management system
  • Logistics and major healthcare infrastructure provided, including ultra-cold storage and transport, personal protective equipment and medical supplies
Customers We Serve
Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency: COVID-19 alternate care facility
Southeastern Conference: COVID-19 testing services
Navajo Nation: comprehensive COVID-19 response
U.S. Agency for International Development: Ebola treatment units and surge hospitals throughout Liberia
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