Global Supply Chain and Procurement

Supply chains play a critical role in supporting foreign assistance efforts around the world, both on a routine basis and in crisis situations. For more than half a century, PAE has worked side-by-side with government agencies, international donors and local stakeholders to improve access to essential commodities and optimize end-to-end supply chain performance.

As a comprehensive service provider, we offer integrated procurement, logistics and delivery services for commodities destined for any locations they are needed. PAE delivers technical expertise in forecasting, demand planning, strategic sourcing and warehousing. Our Global Supply Chain Management team manages programs in more than 60 countries on all seven continents, ensuring the timely delivery of commodities in some of the most challenging environments.

Over the past few decades, PAE has procured a wide array of goods—from borehole drilling equipment to provide clean water for refugee camps in South Sudan to pharmaceuticals and diagnostics to support Ebola outbreak response efforts in Liberia. Our global health work also includes the procurement of personal protective equipment and other clinical commodities for COVID-19 support internationally and domestically.

PAE maximizes the interconnectivity of systems, tools and automated processes to enable full life-cycle visibility to improve supply chain elements including cargo routes, mode of transportation, asset tracking, material demand planning and management. We prioritize data-driven solutions and enable data visibility through supply chain digitization and integration.

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