Data Science and Analysis

Access tools and services to powerfully leverage data for decision advantage.

PAE data scientists deliver cutting-edge data analysis services and strategies to make sense of the most complex data sets and stay competitive in today’s information environment.

Spend more time interpreting your data, and less time collating, managing, and normalizing messy data sets with PAE data science. PAE develops custom analytic workflows and data visualizations with your data and automates time-consuming data tasks so you can make better-informed decisions.

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  • Retrieval of information from various data sources while analyzing for context and understanding about the data set.
  • Data-centric tasks such as data analytics, data engineering, and data mining as well as exploratory, predictive, and statistical analysis to help clients “make sense” of structured and unstructured data.
  • Trend analysis and forecasting, data visualization and modeling, risk analysis or other methods to analyze information and develop practical solutions to fit specific situations.
Create And Support
  • Artificial Intelligence tools that automate critical processes.
  • Machine Learning-based tools and associated processes, such as recommendation engines or automated lead scoring systems, based on client-specific needs.
  • Data management tools to support statistical/predictive analysis.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end data strategies including data collection, storage, analysis and records management.
  • New analytic capabilities as requirements evolve for assessments (e.g., data mining and analysis, systems analysis, social analysis, data visualization and modeling).
Know And Leverage
  • Government and commercial data visualization and graphic application tools such as Microsoft Office (Power Bl – business data analytics) and Tableau (Data Visualization software).
  • Scientific techniques to correlate data into graphical, written, visual and verbal narrative products, enabling more informed decisions.  
  • Major data science programming languages, such as R and Python, allowing clients to manage, merge, and optimize disparate data sources, for further statistical analysis and creation of tailor-made data mining algorithms.            

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