Test & Training Ranges

To support the readiness and preparedness of the U.S. government to protect its borders and national interests, PAE provides high-quality full-spectrum test and training range services and support to all branches of the U.S. military. Our 60 years of experience enables us to assemble the right team of qualified experts to manage each installation’s unique needs, while ensuring conservative use of government resources.


  • Has a long and distinguished heritage of providing high quality range support services at critical U.S. government installations for the U.S. Department of Defense, National Aeronautics and Space Administration and other government customers at ranges throughout the U.S., the Bahamas and the United Kingdom.
  • Provides research, development, training, test and evaluation, operational performance assessments, technical operations, logistics support services, engineering support, and operations and maintenance services at critical military installations and bases.
  • Designs, builds, sets, removes and resets specialized targets for air-to-ground training purposes.
  • Operates in remote locations, adding a level of difficulty to critical missions.
  • Performs range management, scheduling and range safety.
  • Manages, operates, maintains and sustains range instrumentation including radar and tracking systems, weapons impact and scoring systems, communications, C4I systems including command/destruct, video surveillance systems, and weather monitoring systems.
  • Perform UXO range clearance.
  • Operates and maintains Small Arms Ranges.

Services Include:

  • Aircraft and Weapons Systems, Test and Evaluation
  • Aviation and Marine Assets Operations and Maintenance
  • Facility Maintenance and Civil Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Operations and Maintenance of Airborne, Marine Subsurface/Surface and Land Target Systems
  • Program Management
  • Quality Control
  • Range Instrumentation and Communications Systems Operations and Maintenance
  • Range Operations and Scheduling
  • Range Test Data Collection, Processing, Display and Analysis
  • Systems Engineering
  • Training