Identity & Information Management Solutions

PAE provides the expertise, technology and personnel to implement and manage solutions that allow our customers to make confident and informed decisions using relevant and readily accessible information. Our teams collect, categorize, analyze and store a wide array of data leveraged by the U.S. government for purposes ranging from routine litigation and adjudication activity, to the immigration and customs process, to the forensic identification of persons of interest.


  • Provides litigation support services to the U.S. government through content and discovery management services that transform data into knowledge.
  • Support records management and scheduling, library digitization, automated information management, FOIA, discovery readiness, litigation holds, eDiscovery, discovery and trial support.
  • Supports critical U.S. Department of Homeland Security missions such as clearance processing, adjudication support, identity management, contact center support, facility management, technical/physical security support and law enforcement analysis.
  • Performs laboratory operations, forensic and biometric-enabled intelligence, site exploitation, explosive characterization, and all-source identity intelligence and analysis to provide trusted methods to identify persons of interest, link people to events and devices, and establish evidence to enable tactical responses and training.
  • Offers a widely deployed suite of diagramming and field reporting solutions software for law enforcement, first responders and military personnel.
  • Offers software solutions to aggregate and analyze data to support national and international government agencies, as well as military, law enforcement, transportation, and intelligence professionals manage risks posed by asymmetric threats to the global transportation, maritime and border protection domains.


  • Adjudications Support
  • Biometric and Forensic Laboratory Operations and Data Collection
  • Counter IED Targeting
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Entry
  • Data/Records Management
  • Document Scanning, Archiving and Storing
  • E-Discovery
  • Identity Management/Access Control
  • Paralegal Services
  • Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM)
  • Proprietary Database Case Management Tools
  • Proprietary Technical Collection and Post Blast Scene Software
  • Security and Threat Assessments
  • Transcription Services