Capacity Building & Stabilization

PAE partners with host nation teams to provide capacity building and stabilization support in post-conflict, fragile and developing environments throughout Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and Central America. Beginning with a strategic institutional investment in governments, donor agencies, businesses, associations and civil society groups, PAE assists in building government infrastructure and legitimacy and in improving laws, policies and acknowledgment of human rights.


  • Supports the Department of State and Department of Defense capacity building contracts, which extend across many agencies, as well as the missions of the United Nations, international organizations and allied foreign governments.
  • Provides tailored training curricula and mentorship for military, police, judicial officials and correctional facilities around the world in order to create local capacity that will be sustained and expanded without continued U.S. involvement.
  • Employs and trains thousands of local nationals in the countries where we operate; forms/trains army brigades; and supports large-scale military deployments while overcoming extreme logistical obstacles in austere operational environments.
  • Deploys advisors specializing in areas such as elections, political affairs, and economic and environmental affairs to advance democratization, human rights and rule of law efforts on behalf of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
  • Supports peacekeeping operations by providing: human rights monitors, personnel for logistical support in international aid missions, coordination of logistics in remote locations, construction of base camps for peacekeepers, remote airfield and road maintenance support, and training for multinational troops to provide ongoing support for a mission.
  • Offers staff and services to combat logistical challenges presented by humanitarian crises that threaten to destabilize a nation.

Services Include:

  • Air and Ground Transportation
  • Airfield Operations
  • Communications and IT Support
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Facilities Operations and Maintenance
  • General Engineering and Expeditionary Construction
  • Institution and Human Capacity Development
  • Justice Sector Reform (Police, Judicial and Corrections)
  • Life Support Services
  • Medical Support
  • Program Management and Development
  • Quality Control
  • Recruitment and Staffing
  • Supply, Procurement and Logistics
  • Systems Integration
  • Training, Advising and Mentoring
  • Vocational Trade Curriculum Development