Defense Support Services

As our nation engages in a multitude of missions, the employees of Defense Support Services (DS2) stand with the dedicated men and women who protect our nation abroad and at our own borders. The DS2 mission is one of support to those brave patriots who are securing a better future for the children of every nation. Most DS2 employees work side by side with their military partners; many are former members of the military.


We serve those who serve. In support of the U.S. Government’s mission to protect our nation’s interests at home and abroad, PAE DS2 offers a strong portfolio of programs providing high quality and affordable aircraft and ground equipment maintenance, base support and logistics services for the U.S. Departments of Defense, Homeland Security and Health & Human Services.

With several thousand technical and management professionals, PAE DS2 brings program, platform and customer experience. Our expertise covers most Department of Defense aircraft, equipment and facility requirements. We employ technicans who are safety conscious and highly trained in maintaining legacy and current aircraft, equipment and weapons systems, in addition to those in evaluation or development stages for future use.


  • Aviation and Ground Vehicle Maintenance at all levels, including Aerospace Ground Equipment and Precision Measurement Equipment
  • Exercise/Event Planning, Staging and Life Support
  • Logistics: Supply Chain Management, Warehousing, Training and Curriculum Development
  • Base Operations Support: Engineering Design/Project Management; Facility Operations and Trade Shops; Utilities Operations and Maintenance; IT Communications; Transportation; Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR); Billeting and Dining/Galley Operations
  • Federal Health Services; Clinic Management and Medical Professional Staffing

Training and readiness exercises; aircraft maintenance