Medical Services Solutions

PAE provides full service, turnkey medical services solutions around the country. Our alternate care facilities, testing solutions and vaccination solutions are scalable, flexible and adaptable to respond to medical needs around the globe.

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United for Equality

Guided by our values, we operate with a priority on inclusion and stand with people of color in the fight for true equality.

PAE is united with people of color to enact social change and create safe communities for everyone. Standing stronger together, we are a global workforce that rejects racism and social injustice in all its forms. 


On seven continents with seven teams we offer ever expanding capabilities, including operational support, analysis and training, intelligence analysis support, infrastructure operations, management and maintenance, logistics and material support, security, maintenance repair and overhaul and information optimization.

Readiness and Sustainment Team
PAE's Readiness and Sustainment Team maintains and repairs military and civilian aircraft and vehicle fleets in the U.S. and abroad.
International Logistics and Stabilization Team
PAE's International Logistics and Stabilization Team supports U.S. government-sponsored stability operations and United Nations humanitarian response projects.
Infrastructure and Logistics Team
PAE's Infrastructure and Logistics Team is responsible for the base operations and operations and management of DoD, Department of State and NASA facilities.
Business Process Solutions
PAE's Business Process Solutions services make government business transactions more efficient and effective.
Intelligence Solutions Team
PAE's Intelligence Solutions team offers support to the functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of classified U.S. government facilities.
Counter-Threat Solutions Team
Throughout the war on terror, PAE has worked with the intelligence community and the Department of Defense to develop counter-threat solutions.

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